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Сообщение MichaelSmith » 12.05.2018 15:16


There seem to be a lot of topics on learning to drive cars, but none on motorbikes!
I'm a total two wheel buff - love them to bits.When I was learning to drive a car, I could never put my left hand and get the handbrake/gearstick.Despite having quite muscley legs (the only part of me with ANY muscle) I can't keep biting point in a car.I found riding a bike much easier. Gear changes are left foot (up or down - no gate!), you have to come off the throttle to use the brake (both are right hand) and left hand does clutch. I found that having gears all in one area (left side) and speed all in another area (right hand) makes it a lot easier to co-ordinate.

Please help

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http://www.dyspraxicadults.org.uk/forum ... php?t=1418
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Re: Motorcycles

Сообщение ClubBoy » 18.05.2018 22:15

интеренсо для кого такое пишут вообще
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Re: Motorcycles

Сообщение Epeee » 01.06.2018 11:35

Thailand to break into the "San Juan Cup" team from Vietnam. Which will kick in today.

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Re: Motorcycles

Сообщение Kamazz » 20.06.2018 21:48

Вообще на нерусском все) ладно спам какой-то на русском и с парой слов, но тут вообще..
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